Revision of Fees

Sr. No. Description Proposed Rate
I Verbal Site Rent Verbal Site Rent is  revised ten times of their existing rates vide FCR No. 3 dated 18-09-2012 confirmed vide CBR No. 3 dated 01-11-2012
II Temporary Occupation Fee:-
1) Hawking Fee Rs.15/- per day per Hawker
2) Hoarding / Advt. Fee Rs. 2 /-sq.ft.
3) Mandap / Stage NOC Rs. 500/- per NOC
4) Govt. Milk Booth Rs. 400/- per month
5) Cable Operating Fee Rs. 6000/- per month
III Cantonment Fund Building Rent :-
1) Shopping Complex consists of 36 Shops and a Big Hall With the approval of the Board, Rent is increased by 10% every year and in old cases 25% after every five years.
2) Mangal Karyalaya Rs. 10,000/- Rent ,
Form fee 50 and
Deposite Rs.4000 refundable.
3) Old Octroi Post No. 3 to the Office of the SDO (Police Department) Rs. 1500/- per month
4) Samaj Mandir  Near Telephone Exchange With the approval of the Board, Rent increased by 10% ever year.
5) Old Transformer House Rs. 300/- per month
IV Building License Fee:-(LIG Market, Vegetable Market, Chicken / Mutton / Fish Market) Rent is increased seven times of their existing rates vide FCR No.5 dated 29/12/2012, CBR No.2 dated 19/01/2013.
V Trade License Fee:
1) Meat, Chicken, Fish, Dry Fish, Pig Shop etc. Rs.300/- per annum
2) Dairymen, Buttermen and  makers and vendors of ghee Rs.300/-per annum
3) Bakery items (bread, biscuits or cake etc) Rs.300/-per annum
4) Fruits or Vegetables Rs.250/-per annum
5) Ice or Ice Cream or potable waters Rs.300/-per annum
6) Ice Factory Rs.800/-per annum
7) Medicines, drugs etc Rs.400/-per annum
8) Liquor or Wine  Shop Rs.600/-per annum
9) Hay, straw, wood, charcoal or other inflammable items Rs.250/-per annum
10) Fire-works, kerosene oil, petroleum or any other inflammable oil or spirit Rs.400/-per annum
11) Washerman/Laundry/ Dry cleaning Centre Rs.300/-per annum
12) Grain grocery Rs.350/- per annum
13) Masala items Rs.300/-per annum
14) General Stores Rs.250/-per annum
15) Barbers & keepers of shaving saloon, beauty parlour Rs.300/-per annum
16) Tea stall Rs.300/-per annum
17) Snacks Stall Rs.300/-per annum
18) Juice stall / Cold Drink Rs.400/-per annum
19) Pan Shop Rs.300/-per annum
20) Sweetmeats Rs.700/-per annum
21) Hotel / Restaurant Rs.1100/- per annum
22) Hotel and Sweetmeats Rs.800/- per annum
23) Fee for bar / permit room & restaurant Rs.1200/- per annum
24) Lodging(incl. Hotel/ Permit Room etc) Rs.1500/- per annum
25) Sale of Trade License Form Rs.60/-
VI Processing Fee on Transfer of Property:
1) By way of Inheritance/ legal heirs Rs.1000/-
2) By registered sale deed of the value upto Rs.1 lac Transaction Upto Rs.1 lac - Rs.1200/-
3) By registered sale deed of the value upto Rs.2 lac Transaction Upto Rs.2 lac - Rs.1500/-
4) By registered sale deed of the value upto Rs.3 lac Transaction Upto Rs.3 lac - Rs.1800/-
5) By registered sale deed of the value upto Rs.4 lac Transaction Upto Rs.4 lac - Rs.2200/-
6) By registered sale deed of the value upto Rs.5 lac Transaction Upto Rs.5 lac - Rs.2500/-
7) By registered sale deed of the value More than Rs.5 lac to Rs.10 lacs Transaction Above Rs.5 lac to 10 lacs - Rs. 2800/-
8) More  than Rs. 10 lacs Rs. 350/- per One lac
9) Sale of Transfer of Property Form Rs. 100/-
VII Notice Fee On the Slab of ARV-Rs.50/- 100/-; 150/- and 200/- per Notice, respectively.
VIII Distress/Warrant Fee On the Slab of ARV-Rs.50/- 100/-; 150/- and 200/- per Distress/Warrant, respectively.
IX House Extract Rs.100/- per Copy