About Military Establishment

  1. Dehu Road is one of the important Military establishments where DehuAmn Depot, Ordnance Factory, Central Ord Depot, DehuOrd Depot, CQASV, etc are located.
  2. Recently Govt of India has established Mobile Systems Complex of the Def Research and Development Organization (DRDO) within the limit of Dehu Road Cantonment.
  3. Dehu Road Cantonment is divided in 7 wards in different villages known as Chincholi, Kinhai, Zendemala, Mamurdi, SidhivinayakNagari, Shelarwadi, Koteshwarwadi, Dehu Road Main Bazar and other Military residential quarters/ units.
  4. Historical Background of Shelarwadivillage : After the collapse of the Mauryan Empire some Royal families like Shilahars moved Southwards. They settled at a place which is today recognized by the name of ‘Shelarwadi’ ( place of Shilahars)

Location: Cantonment Board Dehuroad main office is situated in front of Dehuroad Railway station which is approx.. 30 kms away from Pune Railway station and approx..140 kms from Mumbai.

Local train and local buses PMPL buses are available for transportation from Pune to Dehuroad and vice versa.

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