Disha – A New Beginning indeed!!

DishaA New Beginning believes that life is a spring of optimism & hope. Optimism that bravely states - it is the attitude & mindset of a person, not his physical limitations that make him inferior & Hope that – tomorrow can only get better & brighter. In fact, Disha has taken birth to complete what God could not… Disha strongly believes & advocates the words of Harvey Fierstein – "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, define yourself."

The birth of Disha – a new beginning was a land mark event in this area because this is the only and first multi disability and counseling center in Rural Pune. To give support and help to every disabled person (may be in the form of supportive gadgets, devices, aids, surgery or therapy) and complete rehabilitation of all. Disha got 280 registrations with all kinds of disabilities like orthopedic, spinal and moderate to severe mental retardation, blinds, hearing impairments, motor palsy, neurological deficits, speech impairments and accidental loss of limbs etc. Initially we concentrated only on children but due to mental age limits in cases of MR we had to consider all possible cases for therapy.

Disha is a movement in rural area as it is first of its kind. Disha aims at changing the way, the world eyes a kid with special needs. Disha believes that deformity & disability is not reflected in a person’s physical form but it is embedded deep in one’s thoughts and attitude.

Disha kick started on 26th June 2012. It has been able to distribute hearing aids, crutches, blind sticks, MR kits, Tricycles and wheel chairs, artificial limbs, supportive equipments for MR, etc. to 39 beneficiaries. They were arranged from the ministry of social welfare and Apangkalyanvibhag without putting any financial burden on cantonment board. (The total cost of the material was around 2.75 Lakh)