What You can do

  • Donate Time: Spend time for the little angels, they love making new friends & treasure the old ones. Celebrate your special days with them or just come down whenever you want a never ending smile on your face.
  • Volunteer: Take up the task of teaching them some skill that will help them in their daily life or will give them pleasure. Trust me; the happiness you will get out of it will know no bounds.
  • Help: Disha is open for all the differently able kids who need our help. If you find one around, you can inform us and help us reach out. Families with disabled children are under massive stress because they can't get the support, they need locally. Help us change this.
  • Support Shops & rehabilitation projects: A few kids in Disha have taken a giant leap into the field of entrepreneurship. They have mastered the art of candle making and they setup a stall every time they get a chance, on festivals, in exhibitions, etc. They are artists, please support them and do buy their stuff. You will be brightening a lot more than just your home.
  • You can also connect with us through our facebook page We keep updating it with our new adventures and happenings.
  • Donate material, equipments & books: This will help an underprivileged child to catch up with the normal course of life. You can donate toys & learning materials to give them extra bite of happiness.
  • The biggest help you can do is, keep a small space for the children of Disha in your life and remember them in your prayers & blessings.
  • Contact Details for further correspondence: Officer In-Charge Dr. YaminiAdbe – 9822541857
    Coordinator Dinesh Rawool – 8888735100
    Disha landline: 020 27671210, 27672210
    Email us on: [email protected]