Departmental Works

Cantonment Board Dehuroad is having Engineering Staff to carry out minor departmental works like repairs to flooring, doors, windows, painting of boards’ leakage of water supply lines/taps, electric maintenance, etc.

For this, staffs are employed under the supervision of following supervisory staff.

Sr.No Name Designation
1. Sectional Engineer
2. Shri.Praveen Gaikwad Junior Engineer
3. Shri.Tony Antony Junior Engineer
4. Sub Overseer
5. Surveyor


Sr.No Name Designation
1. Shri.Prakash Gaikwad Mason
2. Shri.Milind Surve Painter
3. Shri.Prakash Ghanvat, Shri.Kamlakar Gaikwad Plumbers
4. Shri.Manik Bhong and Shri.S C Bapkar Electrician