Octroi History

Brief history of Octroi Section of Dehuroad Cantonment Board
Gazette Publication date SRO Dated Particulars
29/10/1959 318 dated 29/10/1959 Non-Refundable Octroi imposed in Dehuroad Cantonment Board area. Only Schedule of rates published. Octroi was charging on the weight basis (some items) & remaining items on percentage basis
08/02/1975 48 dated 28/01/1975 Amendments made to above, octroi rates revised & calculating octroi on kilograms basis.
25/03/1975 14-E dated 25/03/1975 The Gazette of India Extraordinary published i.e.Dehuroad Cantonment (Non-Refundable Octroi) Byelaws published, which contains Escort Rs.2/- per loaded vehicle.
09/04/1977 ----- dated 19/03/1977 Amendment made to byelaws i.e. Schedule sequence resets & compounding fees for Escort decreased to Rs.100/- from Rs.500/-.
18/11/2000 60 dated 15/11/2000 Amendment made to Transit Pass Fee from Rs.2/- to Rs.20/- & Transit fee (deposit) from 0.50/- paise to Rs.5/-
14/09/2011 08 dated 14/09/2011 New Dehuroad Cantonment Board (Non-Refundable Octroi) byelaws, 2011 replaced old byelaws i.e.14-E dated 25/03/1975 in which new fresh octroi schedule published as well as transit pass fee increased from Rs.20/- to Rs.100/- per vehicle as per octroi byelaws.

Implemented as per Cantonments Act,2006

Effective date Particulars
01/02/2010 Licence fee on Entry of Vehicles u/s 67(e) of Cantonments Act,2006 introduced. Rs.40/- for Bus, Luxury Bus, Mini Bus & Rs.20/- for Sumo, Tavera, Indica etc.
01/03/2010 Administrative Charges Rs.10/- in additions to Rs.20/- as Transit Pass Fee, Total Rs.30/- per goods loaded vehicles introduced.
15/09/2011 Administrative Charges Rs.10/- withdrawn from Transit Pass Fee as soon as New Octroi byelaws introduced.

Details of current staff deployed in Octroi Section for collection of octroi, transit pass fee & vehicle entry fee as on 25/12/2013 :

Octroi Supdt             :           01
Senior Clerks            :           04
Junior Clerks             :           07
Hawaldar                  :           01
Peons                        :           20
Total   -----------      :           33

Details of Octroi Posts :

Naka Number Naka Name Phone Number
1 Nigdi 020-27671268
2 Shitala Nagar 020-27672611
3 Begadewadi 020-27671295
4 Ghorawadi NA
5 Zendemala 020-27672184
6 Dehuroad Railway  Station 020-27672442