Sanitation Services

In order to ensure the sanitation in the Cantonment area the Cantonment Board Dehuroad on their Strength have 4 sanitary inspectors, 15 Drivers and 63 Nos. Safaikarmacharis in Military Conservancy and 38 Nos. Safaikarmacharis in Civil Conservancy The Board have almost 15 vehicles in which there is 1 staff car, 2 water tankar, 3 garbage vehicles, 2 Vacuum Emptier, 3 Ambulance, 2 Tata sumo for office use and for amenity basis for certain officials and elected members, 1 hydraulic ladder for street light maintenance and 2 Mobile Toilet van.

Board maintain 1 Burial ground, 1 Kabrastan, and 1 Cremation ground and 2 slaughter houses and has sent a Proposal for seeking a sanction of General Officer Commanding-in-chief for the solid and liquid waste disposal generated in the Slaughter houses.

Board provide following services to the individual after applying for provision of different services such as drinking water, cleaning of septic tank, transportation of dead body by the Cantonment Board vehicles by charging necessary service charges, thereafter as per requirement and availability of concern vehicle the same services is being provided to the applicant.

The rate of different service charges is as under

Sr. No. Description Rate recommended  by the finance committee.
1. Transportation of Dead body.( within cantt. Limit)  Rs. 150/-
2. Transportation of dead body to Talegaon and back (outside cantt. Board)  Rs. 350/-
3. Transportation of dead body to YCM Hosp. and back (Outside cantt. Board )  Rs. 350/-
4. Transportation of dead body to Lokmanya Hosp. and back ( outsidecantt. Board )  Rs. 350/-
5. Transportation of dead body to Pune and back ( outside cantt. Board )  Rs. 450/-
6. Provision of Tata Sumo Vehicle on Amenity basis.  Rs. 5/-
7. Supply of Drinking Water through water Tanker within Cantt. Limit.  Rs. 450/- per trip &Rs. 650/-per trip for commercial purpose.
8. Supply of Drinking Water through water Tanker outside Cantt. Limit.  Rs. 700/- per Trip upto 15 KM from cantt. Limit and therafter Rs. 15/- per km and Rs. 850/- per trip for commercial purpose.
9. Provision of Vaccume Emptier for cleaning of septic tank( Local Trip )  Rs. 650/- per Trip
10. Provision of Vaccume Emptier for cleaning of septic tank( outside cantt. Limit per trip)  Rs. 900/- per trip upto 15 KM and thereafter Ra 15/- per Km.
11. Provision of Hydrolic Ladder van including Driver and operater) Rs. 1200/- per day
13. Provision of Mobile Toilet Van Outside Cantonment area subject to availability under the circumstances.  Rs. 500/- per day


Sr. No. Name Contact No. Area
1 Shri V. D. Patil 8888892737 Military area, Chincholi, Zendemala, Kinhai, Naidu Nagar, laxmi Nagar, M. B. Camp, Shrikrishna Nagar
2 Shri K.S. Gonte 8888892736 Shelarwadi, Koteshwarwadi, LIG Quarters, Thomas Colony Ward No. 1
3 Shri M. A. Sayyed 8888892734 Main Bazar, Gandhi Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, SiddhivinayakNagari
4 Shri R. D. Kasar 8888892735 Mamurdi, Shitalanagar No. 1 & 2, Barlota Nagar, Thomas Colony Ward No. 2