Building Permission

List of Requirment for Approval of Building Plam By the Cantonment Board

  1. Notice under section 230(1-A) of the cantonment act, 2006 in quadruplicate (Form A & B)
  2. Building plants shoving the details- ammonia prints-in quadruplicates
  3. Latest 7/12 exact
  4. Valid non-agricultural order/ permission from collector of pune
  5. Latest Non-Agricultural tax receipt.
  6. Sanctioned lay-out copy with sanction letter or copy of map from TILR Haveli/pune shoving proposed plots..
  7. Undertaking issues stability certificate with copy of registration from registred RCC designer.
  8. Non-objection certificate for use of approach road (in case of private land)
  9. Copy of sale deed.
  10. Copy of GPA(General Power of Attorney) with signature of Sub-Register,pune.
  11. All photocopies should be attested.
  12. Water arrangement for construction purpose.
  13. Undertaking regarding construction work on RS.100/- Court fee stamp paper,duly notarised.
  14. Affedavit on stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly notarized.
  15. indemnity bond on stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly notarized.
  16. Under-taking regarding non-claiming the FSI of the area , if area of the plot is less than that of mentioned in 7/12 exact.
  17. Under taking that GPA Holder is alive on that date.
  18. letter of authority from owner if the archietect is submitting the building plan on behalf of the owner.
  19. Demarcation plan.
  20. FSI Available:in the civil area=1
    in outside the civil area=0.5

(Note: List of documents is note exclusive. Requirments may vary from case to case.)