Title: Disha for special kids
  • Infrastructure created for the center
    • Building Old male ward was repaired and aesthetically painted to make a place for differently able kids. Colorful cartoon characters were painted on the walls to give positive energy and ambience to the center. The washrooms were redesigned and were specially made user friendly for the differently able persons. The electrical fittings were kept at a higher level so to avoid future mishaps. The furniture and toys are purchased keeping the special users in mind and so they do not have edged and sharp points. The floor does not have tiles so that crutched and walkers can be used easily. The entrance has a slope to enable wheel chairs in to the center easily. The door is intentionally kept wide for comfortable in and out movements of wheel chairs. The counseling room has special soothing environment to make the subject comfortable.
    • Installation we have made a simple strategy that we must use the recourses available in the vicinity rather than spending funds on the fixtures already available with other gov and non gov agencies. This arrangement is surely made without compromising the need of the children. Disha- a new beginning was initially started for differently able kids only but then a big lot of differently able adults also became a part of it as we had contacts and recourses in the field. The In Charge of the center, DrYaminiAdbe, is an established child rights activist in the city so all the concerned departments are well acquainted and familiar. We could manage the task without taking help from any NGO and saved the expenses also.
      • The following machines are made available at Lokmanya medical foundation free of cost to our children with spasticity and neurological deficits-
        • Ultrasound
        • Shortwave diathermy
        • Cervical and lumber traction
        • Interferential current therapy machine
        • Electrical muscle stimulator EMS
        • Continuous passive mobilize CPM
        • Special ground exercises for rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged kids and spastic children.
      • We have happiness classes for kids of Moderate to severe mental retardation. Here we are using The Civil hospital machinery for checking Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and then we decide the therapy and further course of treatment. The ENT department helps us to detect hearing loss and its percentage. The hospital has high quality and recent technologically oriented equipments to help our patients. The relevant toys are purchased according to the advice of the experts. MR kits are arranged from the help of ministry of social justice and ApangKalyan. The happiness classes have treatment, rehabilitation and recreation equipments for these children.
      • For children and adults of other disabilities we have arranged aids and equipments from Ministry of social justice e.g. Tricycles, wheel chairs, blind goggles, crutches, MR Kits, Blind stick etc.
      • We had a camp for our registered members and provided them artificial limbs of good quality with light weight material. Now we have a tie up with dist. Disability center for a permanent resourcing of artificial limbs as and when required.
      • For recreation and development of physical abilities we have installed a well equipped play park with facilities of clay modeling. Our children are also provided indoor jogger, walker and cycle for the therapeutic purpose.
      • We have a good quality music System for the children for music therapy and entertainment also.
      • We do have a television for the cartoon films and other programs.
      • We have variety of toys for educational, therapeutic and entertainment of the children.
    • Transport is carried out in the vehicle of Cantonment Board Dehu road. The kids are accompanied by a care taker as few of them are unable to sit and walk so special care is taken in transport of the children. The vehicle has a small first aid kit along with emergency medicines of the precious travelers because few of them are patients of epilepsy and brain damage and they can have convulsions any time. The care taker is trained to deal with such emergencies. The vehicle carries a tag written on it "Drive slowly differently able kids on Board".
    • Project Khushi - We have rehabilitation section also in the center. Where we could arrange a fully equipped Kiosk along with tea and coffee machine for two physically challenged persons so that they can live with dignity. The other registered persons are given opportunity to be a part of the seasonal Diwali sale of beautiful candles made by blind persons.
    • We have established a base for production of earth worm manure ( biological manure ) this is started with a special view that the elder children can learn the benefits of healthy atmosphere and can make manure from the biological waste from our own garden of the center and can earn too.
  • Experts and trained staff available
    • Co coordinators – 2 Mr. Dinesh Rawool, MSW (available 8 hrs every day, since last 12 months, Trained in various fields of child rehabilitation like Alochana, Saathi and CCD trust.) MrsJuli – MBA with graduation. Special training taken for child psychology and differently able kids management. Since Disha is running a child help line 24x7, these coordinators are available on help line numbers 24x7 and immediately come in action in case of emergency.
    • Counselor - 1 Mrs. Nandini Waghmare- A graduate in Human rights New Delhi, She is a registered counselor by Rehabilitation council of India for differently able children. Available 8 hrs every day.Working since past 9 months.
    • Instructor -1 Satish Sumari Walmiki, Trained in child rescue, rehabilitation, CWC reporting, Police and CRP communication and differently able children handling with Saathi, CCD Trust, Child line Dnyndevi Pune, Aalochana. Available 8 hrs every day. He is also a part of help line Aastha and so has to be available 24x7 in case of a child in crises.
    • Safaikamgar -1 Narayani – specially trained in child handling in various NGO with child rescuing and rehabilitation. Available 8 hrs every day.
    • Hon counselors – 4 Mr. Anirudhha Oak-
      Dr. AnuradhaSahasrabudhhe ( executive director Child line Pune)
      Mr. Nakul Kate (MSW) – a noted child rights activist and director of Sakhi
      Mr. SheyasKulkarni MSW
      These Hon councilors are renowned names in the world of Activism & child rights. (To know more about them please type their names in the Google search engine & you will find multiple sites with their names tagged to them.)They are called at regular intervals for counseling of kids of Disha and also for dyslectic kids of our schools. They have conducted workshops for school drop outs and Dyslectic children.
    • Hon Physiotherapist – 1
    • Yoga Guru -1 Mr. AtishAmbekar – Chair person for corporate Yoga training institute. He teaches yoga to the children of Disha.
    • Project teacher volunteers – 4 Mrs. Varsha Gaike - A post graduate in Engineering. Works as volunteer for projects since 1 year.
      Mr. Yogesh Gaike- an Engineering post graduate and doing PHD from IIT Pavai is a regular volunteer for various projects.
      Ms. Amreen Navloor – MBA – working for the children regularly for project development.
      Ms. Falguni Adbe- A graduate in E&TC, regularly comes for projects and helps us in financing the projects.
  • Know our Staff a little more

    Disha is run by the Dehu road Cantonment Board. The overall head of the institution & Cantonment board is the CEO, Mrs. MeenakshiShaktawat.

    The Officer in charge of Disha is Dr. YaminiAdbe. She is responsible for the overall administration, planning & execution of all the projects, initiatives & ventures of the institute. She is a renowned Child rights activist who works for the cause. She is also the in charge of Disha help line 24x7 for the children in crisis.

    Dinesh Rawool&Juli Thomas are the coordinators. They are responsible for the execution of the projects, day to day functioning of the happiness classes, training & rehabilitation projects. They are also a part of the rescue team of Disha helpline. They act as the link between Disha and the various segments of the government bodies like The Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Social Justice, The Child Welfare committee, The Women & Child Development Department, Civil Hospital, District Development Center, etc. They also arrange the aids and treatment facilities for the registered cases. They organize trainings & lectures for the awareness programs & projects. Both the coordinators do the work for corporate company liaisons for the CSR projects.

    Nandini Waghmare, a registered professional from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) works as Hon Counselor. She does individual counseling, thought process regeneration sessions, awareness, training, assessments, parents’ counseling and overall supervision of the training projects. She is a devoted social worker in true sense. She has been instrumental in arranging super specialty training & specialized fields development of our children with the help of reputed BalKalyanSanstha.

    Satish Sumari Valmiki is a trained staff for child recuing, physical training, CWC liaison, CRPF communication, handling of differently able children and special physiotherapy procedures during the course of rehabilitation.

    VenkatNarayaniGopati is a devoted care taker who deals with the children very affectionately. She takes care of the attendance, personal hygiene, food habits & manners. She helps the kids for development of gardening skills & coordination.

  • Types of disabilities attended to

    Mental retardation, Spasticity, Birth injuries leading to brain lesions, Polio with MR, Mongolism, Moderate to severe brain damage due to viral, CPD and other diseases. We run happiness classes for the MR kids but other disabilities are also attended in the form of treatment and rehabilitation and support. We provide aids in the form of gadgets to blind, hearing impairment, deaf and dumb, loss of limbs, polio, neurological deficits, spinal deficits etc. In nut shell we provide support to every possible differently able person not only children because this area remained untouched for the differently able persons till the center was born. We give gadgets and arrange for the free treatment in collaboration of other existing Gov and Non Gov agencies. We arrange for free operations and treatments; we rehabilitate them so that they can live an independent and dignified life.

  • Enabling Aids/gadgets available/used in counseling/treatment

    We have a complete physiotherapy unit tie up with one of the best hospital and Physiotherapy College for free treatment, we use the complete set up of District hospital for surgeries and treatment, and we do have visiting counselors who bring projectors and other gadgets for the same. We use music system, TV, projector, computer, Educational toys, colors, charts, graphs, clay, and electronic sound and light media, and color sheets for the same.