Revenue Taxes

  1. Property Tax
  2. House Tax A.R.V

    Dehuroad Cantonment Board Property Tax 12% to 21% on Slab of Annual Rateable Value

    Rs.  1 to 4999         12%
    Rs. 5000 to 19999     15%
    Rs. 20000 to 99999    18%
    Rs. 100000 and above  21%
    Sanitary / Cess Flat Rate on annual Rateable Value of 12% Property.
    Water Tax Flat Rate on annual Rateable Value of 12% Property.
  3. Trade and Professional: Tax Paid by Maharashtra Govt.
  4. Entertainment Tax: Rs. 25 per Show of Cinema
  5. Bldg. Site Rent (Verbal Grant): 156 sites Laving 211 shops of different area were verbally allotted by the stn. 1947 before establishment of this Cantonment Board verbal site rent is levied at the different rates.
  6. Wheel Tax-
    1. Two WheelerRs. 12/-
    2. Three WheelerRs. 30/-
    3. Four WheelerRs. 40/-
    4. Heavy VehiclesRs. 100/-

  7. Temporary Occuption Fees:
    1. Howking Fees: Rs.15/- per head per day
    2. Hording Charges / Advertisement: Rs.2/- per Sqft. Per day.
    3. Mandap Errection with Damage Charges: Rs.500/- per Mandap of admeasuring 20ft x 20ft and Deposit Rs.5000/- for per application

  8. Allotment of stall/sites:
  9. The board allots some sites for Diwali Festivals through public auction conducted by the board & some sites for running sugar cane juice stall seasonably.