Places of General Intrest

Dehu: SantTukaramNagari Dehu Road is well known for its proximity to Dehugaon, the Holy place of Shree SantTukaram, a well known socio-religious reformer of the Seventeenth century. Dehu is known as the ‘Karmabhumi’ of SantTukaram. It along with Alandiwere the main religious canters of the Bhakti Movements in the Medieval Period. SantTukaram inspired Shivaji for his struggle for the Swarajya from the Mughal Empire. Lakhs of devotees visit Dehu every year.

Bhandara Hills It is a Holy well known pilgrimage place where SantTukaram used to meditate. Now this Hill top has also become symbol of Bhakti in the Warkari Bhakti Sampraday of Maharashtra.

Historical Buddha Vihar A famous Buddha Vihar is situated in Dehu Road, where Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar, himself has installed statue of Gautam Buddha, which he has personally brought from Nepal. The same is kept as a special monument for the visitors from across Maharashtra. Every year on 25th Dec, Buddha Vihar Anniversary is celebrated with great enthusiasm for which large number of the people from all over Maharashtra assemble there.

Ghorwadeshwar Temple and Caves This is a very ancient Swayambhu Shiva Temple located on the hill top just on the outskirts of the Cantonment. The temple is almost 150 years old and on the eve of every Maharashivrathri large number of devotees gather for offering worship to Lord Shiva.

Some ancient caves are also located near Ghorwadeshwar temple.

The Dehu Road Cantonment is also famous for Lord Ayyappa Temple and Lord SubramaniyamSwamy Temple, which are located on the hillock in Dehu Road.

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