Expression of Interest


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Sr.No. Name of Work EOI No.
1 Designing of 3-D model of Entire Cantonment area CBDR/EOI/3-D model/2017
2 SMS Gateway service CBDR/EOI/SMS Gateway/2017
3 e-Learning Kits for Cantonment Board School CBDR/EOI/e-Learning/2017
4 3rd party inspection services for all projects executed by Cantonment Board Dehuroad CBDR/EOI/3rdPartyInspection/2017
5 Providing the services as travel agent CBDR/EOI/TravelAgent/2017
6 Installation of playing equipments for Cantonment Board Schools. CBDR/EOI/PlayingEqup./2017
7 Design, Development and Maintenance of a New Website of Cantonment Board Dehuroad CBDR/EOI/Website/2017
8 Logo Designing Competition for Cantonment Board Dehuroad CBDR/EOI/LogoDesign/2017
9 e-Hospital CBDR/EOI/e-Hospital/2017
10 e-Office EOI e-Office.pdf
11 Accounting Software CBDR/EOI/Account Software/2017
12 Leave Management System CBDR/EOI/Leave Software/2017
13 School Management System CBDR/EOI/School Management/2017
14 Aadhar enabled Biometric attendance System for Cantonment Board School Students CBDR/EOI/BiometricAttendance/2017
15 Mobile App for various services provided by Cantt. Board CBDR/EOI/Mobile App/2017
16 Online Revenue Collection Software CBDR/EOI/Revenue Software/2017
17 Online Water Charges Collection Software CBDR/EOI/WaterChargesSoftware/ 2017
18 Setting up of modern waste Management plant for disposal of wastes CBDR/EOI/Waste Management/2017
19 Design and Installation of Security Cabins CBDR/EOI/Security Cabin/2017
20 Design and installation of Modular office CBDR/EOI/Modular Office/2017
21 Installation of Bio Toilets CBDR/EOI/Bio Toilets/2017
22 Installation of Vehicle Washing System CBDR/EOI/Vehicle Washing/2017
23 Arboriculture Services CBDR/EOI/Arboriculture/2017
24 Designed Street Poles CBDR/EOI/Street Pole/2017
25 Preparation of Development Plans for Cantonment Board CBDR/EOI/Plans/2017
26 LED Light for entire Cantonment Area CBDR/EOI/LED/2017